Unanswered questions new answers q&a categories coupons guides sign in | sign up home search settings top contributors help center english ▼ english français deutsch italiano español tagalog home answers answers. women's viagra Com > wiki answers > categories > health > conditions and diseases > who discovered chiari malformation? viagra patent expiration united states Who discovered chiari malformation? In: conditions and diseases, pediatric conditions and diseases, migraine headaches [edit categories] answer: hans von chiari, professor of morbid anatomy at charles university in prague, 1891 published a his findings describing three cases with malformations of the lower part of the cerebellum and brain stem. buy viagra without prescription Type i, ii, and iii. viagra v viagra side effects These were later, named the chiari malformations in his honor. In the chiari malformation type i (the cerebellar tonsils herniate down into the upper cervical spinal canal with the lower brain stem sometimes hanging down into the spinal canal. Type ii has the lower brain stem, cerebellar vermis, and tonsils hanging down below the foramen magnum. Type iii malformation has the tissues of the posterior fossa displaced into a soft sac (meningocele) at the back of the head and upper neck. Improve answer first answer by ajortman. Last edit by ajortman. Contributor trust: 25 [recommend contributor] recommended]. Question popularity: 2 [recommend question]. [report abuse] can you answer these conditions and diseases questions? viagra without a doctor prescription How does inflammation protect against disease? Answer it! generic viagra online Can a dog be diabetic? order viagra online with prescription Answer it! generic viagra mg pills What causes scalp psoriasis? Answer it! buy generic viagra online What condition is the dislocation or displacement of a bone from its joint? viagra doses recommended Answer it! What disease does adult roundworm cause? women's viagra Answer it! Relevant answers: what chiari malformation is? Chiari malformation is a (usually) congenital condition that results in herniation what is chiari malformation? viagra for sale Answer. Arnold chiari i malformation is a anomoly of the gestational mesodermal layer causing can chiari malformation cause epilepsy? Chiari malformation is a structural abnormality of the brain resulting in the lower portion how is arnold-chiari malformation treated? The recommended treatment for an arnold-chiari i malformation is surgery to relieve the pressure can you drive with chiari malformation? Yes sign in using: answers members.