: 14. generic viagra without prescription Research reporting a lack of knowledge regarding the condition of lymphedema and/or a lack of knowledge regarding preventative measures among individuals diagnosed with cancer: 15. Conclusion and recommendations : that every individual considering surgery or radiation therapy, for treatment of cancer, be informed of the possibility of developing lymphedema as a result of these procedures before such measures are taken. That every individual who receives a procedure affecting lymph node integrity in conjunction with cancer treatment be informed regarding risk factors associated with lymphedema incidence by a healthcare professional trained in this area. That information regarding risk factors be presented in both verbal and written form to every individual. 16. References beaulac, s. , mcnair, l. , scott, t. , lamorte, w. generic viagra canada , kavanah, m. (2002). Lymphedema and quality of life in survivors of early-stage breast cancer. Arch surg, 137, 1253-1257. Burt, jeannie & white, gwen. viagra generico funciona (1999). Lymphedema. viagra canada Salt lake city: hunter house publishers. Casley-smith, j. , & casley-smith, j. (1996) lymphedema initiated by aircraft flights. how much is viagra on prescription Aviation, space, and environmental medicine, 67, 52-56. Engel, j. , kerr, j. , schlesinger-raab, a. , sauer, h. , & holzel, d. (2003). Axilla surgery severely affects quality of life: results of a 5-year prospective study in breast cancer patients. Breast cancer research and treatment, 79, 47-57. Kelly, deborah g. can you get viagra over the counter (2002). cheap generic viagra A primer on lymphedema. Upper saddle river, new jersey: prentice hall. Kwan, w. , jackson, j. viagra 5mg half life , weir, l. , dingee, c. , mcgregor, g. , & olivotto, i. (2002). how much is viagra on prescription Chronic arm morbidity after curative breast cancer treatment: prevelance and impact on quality of life. Journal of clinical oncology, 20, 4242-4248. Johansson, k. , ohlsson, k. , ingvar, c. , albertsson, m. , & ekdahl, c. (2002). Factors associated with the development of arm lymphedema following breast cancer treatment: a match pair case-control study. how to get a viagra prescription online Lymphology, 35, 59-71. Maunsell, e. cheap viagra online , brisson, j. , & deschenes, l. (1993). Arm problems and psychological distress after surgery for breast cancer. Canadian journal of surgery, 36, 315-320. Petrek, j. , senie, r. , peters, m. how much is viagra on prescription , & rosen, p. (2001). Lymphedema in a cohort of breast carcinoma survivors 20 years after diagnosis. Cancer, 92, 1368-1377. Preventing lymphedema: maintaining quality of life for indiv... File name: flaherty2004_585814_534568. Ppt link is provided as is to download presentation download video download policy: content on the website is provided to you as is for your information and personal use only and may not be sold or licensed. Slideserve reserves the right to change this policy at anytime with or without notice. If for some reason you are not able to download a presentation, the publisher may have deleted the file from their server. Url embed thumbnail related more by user info about us blog contact us advertise help terms of use privacy policy forum twit. buy viagra online