Theory. Jual viagra100 However, this is only speculation and the actual cause of bipolar remains unknown. yahoo email sending viagra emails Other theories that enter into the etyology of manic depression are: genetic predisposition; continual premature or prolonged exposure to an emotionally abusive environment; uncontrolled anxiety, unconquered addictions; living in a "fallen", irrational world; spiritual emergence; esoteric initiation into shamanism; diagnosis by reptilian-brainied "specialist" (doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, etc) based on a completely arbrirary text (the dsm iv); the medical community being in cahoots with the pharmaceutical companies, etc. cheap viagra online Manic depression traits are described as vacillation between a hyper, upbeat, impulsive, extremely energetic, elevated "manic" mood and a downcast, non-functioning, neglectful, and potentially suicidal depressive mood. viagra prescription uk Hence, the term "bipolar" -- the two poles of being up and down. buy viagra The manic state of bipolar has another aspect besides being "up". viagra side effects common When manic one may also become overtly emotional and easily agitated. safe dose for viagra If you will, the "manic" cycle of manic depression is being like jim carey on jolt cola. viagra without a doctor prescription Concerning the depression cycle of manic depression, imagine it being like eeyore on downers. cheap viagra on line overnight These "mood cycles" of bipolar illness (the manic state and depression) are purported to vary in intensity and duration. cost of viagra pills in india Without proper treatment, a person with manic depression will supposedly bounce between the two "mood cycles" of being extremely "up" and excessively "down". viagra online Some will experience depression for a long time (up to several months) and then they will cross over to the manic phase for an extended time (up to several months) or vice versa. safe dose for viagra Others who have bipolar illness may "rapid cycle" by going through both extremes on a daily or weekly basis. viagra high blood pressure medication Last but not least, others may go through an agonizing, terrible "mixed stage" of both mania and depression at the same time. This "mixed" cycle may last for hours, days, or weeks. viagra for sale According to the national institute of mental health, at least 10% of the population has some form of major "chemical" depression like manic depression. viagra natural natural That figure represents over 2 million people in this country! safe dose for viagra Within this group, 61% of those with manic depression develop some sort of substance abuse or dependence disorder. viagra for sale In other words, according to the nimh, manic depression is responsible for approximately over 1 million people in this country who are hooked on drugs, alcohol, or some sort of dependence disorder! viagra online us pharmacy As if that's not bad enough, up to 15% of the untreated manic depression populace end up committing suicide. Genuine viagra uk suppliers When a person has bipolar illness,. Viagra 100mg results generic viagra online viagra generic soft tab 2